If you would like to hire me for a house party or event please contact me and we can setup a meeting on skype or Google Hangout.

For small parties, the rate is 4 hours for $250 or 2 hours for $150. For larger events, it's $450 for 4 hours and 250 for 2 hours.

I offer energy healing, life coaching, and mentoring via email, skype, phone, and google hangout for all services.

Additionally, if you require extended time for your sessions or have any other special requirements, please let me know.

To download Skype, please click here.

To access Google Hangouts, please click here.

Please know that Paypal is required for payment from this page.

***At this time Jehey Vy has discontinued psychic readings and is focusing on other spiritual services and ministry. To sign up for life coaching, energy healing, mentoring and classes please see the information below.***

Psychic Readings

30 minutes for $45
45 minutes for $60
60 minutes for $75

Emails readings are $20. You will have to schedule ahead of time by using the contact page. Please use the button below to purchase a slot for an email reading.

Psychic Readings

Energy Healings or Reiki

30 minutes for $35
45 minutes for $50
60 minutes for $65

Packages are five 45 minute sessions are $225 and three 60 minute sessions are $180

Energy Healing/Reiki

Life Coaching

30 minute sessions are $40
45 minute sessions are $55
60 minute sessions are $70
75 minute sessions are $80

Life coaching discounts are in threes and fives. Ex. $25 off any three session package and $35 off any five session package. For three 45 minute sessions it would normally be $165 but is $140. Five 60 minute Life Coaching sessions would normally be $350 but is $315

Life Coaching

Psychic Development


6 weeks / 13.5 hours - $600

Start your journey to become proficient in reading energy. Below are what we cover in the course. Contact me for more details.

Creating Your Sacred Space
Body Posture Techniques
Running Energy (basic energy healing)
Protection and Safety
Code Of Ethics
Attachments and Beliefs
Physical Affirmations/Body Stances
Values and Interests
Chakras and Colors
Aka Cords/Energy Cords
Aura & Color Meanings
Aka Cords/Energy Cords
11 Clairs/Psychic Senses
Body Scanning
How To Read
Interpreting Symbolism


8 weeks / 18 hours - $800

You will get everything listed in the foundation course plus the following. Contact me for more information.

How to Read in career, love life, life path, past, present, future, etc.
Soul Level Work
Channeling Mediumship
Divinations (examples are tarot, tea leafs, pendulums)
Who are you addressing
Spiritual Support: Higher Self, God/Goddess, Spirit Guides (The Main 31 Different Types Of Guides)
How to ask questions
How to tell a story/read for someone
Cold Readings (You Will Learn to read a person you don't know and will read from a distance)
Dream Interpretation
Upper Chakras

Professionally Practicing Psychic

8 weeks / 18 hours - $800

You will get everything listed in the foundation course plus the following. Contact me for more information.

Akasha Records
Sacred Numbers
Past Lives
Cosmic grid/Earth Grid and predicting world events
Sacred Geometry
As well as a deeper look into any areas you feel you are lacking in

Energy Healing

5 weeks / 10 hours

Techniques for meditation
Protection and Safety
Code of Ethics
How to manipulate/direct energy
How to Read Energy

How to Connect With Energy
How To Facilitate Healing
Healing Guides

Manifestation Mentoring

Reinvent your life & live in your bliss.
~3 Months - $1200

We will journey through the 155 laws, truths, principles and guidelines for manifestation that empower you to consciously co-create a magnificent life of your choosing.

Spiritual Counseling

6 Months - $2025
1 Year - $4025

These programs include everything I know. Manifestation, psychic development, energy healing, spa therapy, SEE, Biopulsar and some nutrition. Spiritual Counseling is having me by your side to assist you through any spiritual area I am proficient in. We will cooperatively work together. Live in your true spiritual brilliance this year!

Esthetician Relaxation Massage

30 minute massages are $40
45 minute massages are $50
60 minute massages are $60
75 minute massages are $80
90 minute massages are $100

All massages are held at the Healing Emblem Space.

Note : There is a karma/volunteer/bartering option available to a select few. Inquire for more details.