My mission statement for my life calling/purpose is to mother the masses and be a witness to their greatness. I believe the main reason for being here is to help the would transition from structures that no longer serve it to an "opt-in opt-out" type of social system where a combination of self-governance and self-sustaining community is the prevailing ideology.

The way I plan to be a part of this transition is through what I call The Nex-Us. The Nex-Us is a place where the social system will already be put in place for this generation and the next generation. It is a spiritual space (nondenominational with a focus on experiential, personal paths) the building is a self-sustaining, sacred geometric dome shape, the land is tiled to provide nourishment and herbal medicine for those occupying it.

The Steps:

1. Register as a charity which will be around $800 for legal fees and processing the paperwork.

2. Raise funds to purchase the land. There is land in BC Canada and Nigeria that I am interested in procuring. The one in Canada is more so for youth and adults who want a residential spiritual center to commune in and live a self-sustaining life. The Nigeria center will be a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children. I already have the contacts in Nigeria. The land in Nigeria is around 80,000 USD. The safe haven in Nigeria would also be a school.

3. Building and setting up self-sustaining structures.

4. Inhabiting it and enacting project REIN YN. REIN YN stands for Run Energy Intuitively Nurturing Your Nex-Us. It is all about self-governance and using your spiritual awareness to co-create and living a meaningful and fulfilling life.


How you can help The Nex-Us and Jeysics Institute


If you are supporting the Nex-Us and Jeysics Institute you are generating more spiritual growth around the world and assisting in starting the Nex-Us Orphanage in Nigeria.

Thank you for your choosing to support this movement.

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