Soul Friend & Secondary Soulmate

May 15, 2017, 2:32 p.m. | Tagged under soulmate

All in good timing. 2017 has proven to be a magical year already. Lots of changes, new ideas and clarity. My intention is to meet up with all souls I see regularly in my prior and concurrent lives. Already found Nicki, now it is time to find Daniel (Soul Friend Soulmate) and Red (Secondary Soulmate). It would be GREAT if I found all of them this year.

I always do year tarot spreads and for this coming September it came up in the spread that I might be crossing paths with Daniel. I'm not sure on that yet, as I saw Nicki in my year spread a full year before I actually met her. I thought it was going to be 2015, but it turned out to be 2016. It could be the same way with Daniel. I honestly don't know how things will play out; I just know that I want to find every single regular presence in my lifetimes before I leave this world. After Daniel and Red, it is just Jason, Psy and Nene to find and I think I'd prefer not to have Nene in my life. She always creates problems and I'm in a place where I'm fully committed to only having interactions that are respectful, harmonious and honor me. Anything that bucks with my personal code of ethics and agreements with myself are disengaged from. I'm pretty sure old karmic patterns would play out between Nene and I in dysfunctional ways. The thing is, she is always with Jason (the soul who most regularly incarnates as my father), so I might not be able to avoid her. Anyway, I plan to update you all when I find them. I feel like Daniel is on the West coast, a EMT or officer of the law and is the same age or no more than 2 years younger. Red is younger than me by at least 6 years and is always a red head, is female in this life and has a tendency to be born in cults or fringe societies. Psy, although male, is a mother figure and always a caretaker. Jason is probably a lawyer or works for the government in this life and is always active in some form of marital arts. The rest I'll keep private for now.

Stay tuned!