About Jehey Vy

My chosen and spiritual name is Jehey Vy (pronounced J and Vy like Hi. One word.) I am a psychic/medium, healer, life coach, writer and spiritual youtube host. On my YouTube channel I answer spiritual questions, give guided meditation and connect other spiritualist from across the globe. I write on my blog about my spiritual experiences and insights. Currently, I am located in Vancouver Canada where I own and operate The Healing Emblem Wellness Space-- a place for healing, sharing, learning and fellowshipping. For spiritual events and classes please see my meetup and my facebook group.

What has led me to this point in life?

Before I committed to my spiritual path I used to be jealous of the psychics who said they were born with their gifts of seeing the future, spirits, and/or hearing and feeling spirits. However, once I actively started my own journey into psychic, clairvoyant and clairaudient development, I remembered more of my childhood experiences. My jealousies dissipated as I began to develop my own abilities. I remembered many dreams and visions I had as young as three or four. As a child I was always interested in the paranormal and would watch many scary movies, documentaries, and books to satisfy my curiosity. Although I had many sleepless nights after ingesting these medias that were made strictly to invoke fear instead of educate, I was drawn back time and time again. Around the age of 15 I truly started to awaken to my abilities and became more aware of how I was attracting situations to myself. From 17 to 21 was great self and spiritual discovery-- I studied a lot! I had a discovery lull from 21 to 22 as I had made a move that put me in a place that was toxic to my development. Once leaving there and coming to Canada, everything changed. I met great human guides to give advice. I took two 36 week psychic development courses, a healing course through the CDM, tarot course, life coaching on different healing modalities and went to weekly meetups for psychics and healers. I am currently continuing my journey as well as opening myself up to tell my story to others so to aid in any way they need during their own journeys. I am now a professionally practicing psychic and have been for the last 6 years. I would be honored to give you a reading, healing, coaching, massage or mentor you for psychic development. Please see the Services section for more info.

Spiritual Practices:

There isn't a particular religion, group, doctrine, or specific practice I follow. I do mediate and you can find some of my meditation techniques in the video section. Please defer to my blog for more insight into my daily practices.

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