My Community In Action

May 19, 2015, 6:28 p.m. | Tagged under my-spiritual-community, my-community-in-action

Yesterday started off just fine with my treatments and sessions. Midday I was a bit scattered and rushing around. The fall out from the rushing was I accidentally locked myself out of The Healing Emblem around 4pm. I told myself not to worry just take the spare keys out from the hiding space in the building, but I then remembered I had given them away to a friend who is also using The Healing Emblem for her classes. Not to worry I told myself and went to knock on the building handyman's office door because Michael, the landlord, gave the keys to him before he left for Russia. Michael said to me before he left that he is leaving the keys with Ura in case I locked myself out again. I laughed and said it wouldn't happen because I had a spare. I was glad Michael had given them too him after all; unfortunately though, Ura wasn't in his office and I had locked my phone in The Healing Emblem. Not to worry I told myself I will just go out and ask Freya, the realtor for the office building, for a key or for Ura's number. I had my socks on but ran quickly across the road. The building was dark and when I pulled on the door it was locked. DARN IT! My anxiety was starting to kick in. Not to worry I told myself, I'll go ask Baba for help. Baba is the owner of the coin laundry across the street of The Healing Emblem who had previously cut my spare keys. When I went over he was outside chatting it up with a guy. I interrupted and told him my unfortunate story. He smiled at me and said call the locksmith on my phone but they might not be open since it is a holiday. (Ohhhhhh, I now knew why everyone was gone. I don't have calenders anymore and don't celebrate holidays.) I called the locksmith but they said there was an after hour fee to pay. It would be over $50. As I was setting the appointment up for the smith to come out I heard my inner voice say again not to worry but instead call Sharron, the one I'd given the spare to. Since Baba was letting me use his phone I could now get in touch with her. The only thing was, I knew Sharron was going on vacation. I didn't know if she was already on her way, was about to leave or would be mad I interrupted her holiday. Then again it didn't really matter at that point because I didn't have her phone number memorized anyway. Darn cell phones have made us lazy with remembering numbers.

I went back outside and asked Baba if he had internet. He said to ask the business owner next to him. I went to the store right next door and told him my unfortunate story. He said, yes I could use his laptop to log into FB. I was SO thankful......but unfortunately I didn't remember my passwords. Darn laptops have made us lazy with remembering passwords. (sigh!) I spent maybe 15mins trying different passwords. I was about to give up when a lady and her daughter walked in to check their insurance. I stepped aside so that he could deal with his clients and as he was working with them I saw a flash of the password from Spirit. I was like OMG I think I remember it now! After the mother and daughter left I asked him if I could try one more password. It was RIGHT. I had to scroll and scroll months back to when Sharron messaged me her phone number. I wrote it down, thanked him again and called Sharron on Baba's phone. Sharron answered! I said, "you're in a great mood, so I hope I don't ruin your day but I've locked myself out of my office. =( We laughed about it. She said she was in Princeton but was just about to head to Vancouver anyway. It would take about 4 hours though. (RELIEF) "As long as you get here today, I'm good." I told her. She asked me where I would be and I said at the coin laundry across the street. I assumed they would let me stay until she arrived. We hung up and I went to tell Baba the good news. He said do you need money for the locksmith? I smiled at his generosity and said no. I informed him that my friend was coming from Princeton with the keys in a few hours, but how late was he open until? He said 5pm. My heart sank because it was after 4:30 now. I said ok and that I'd just hangout at his shop until he closed then I'd mill about until my friend arrived. He said ok. I went inside and started reading articles. Not to worry, I I didn't =D

Later, around 5:30 Baba said he was leaving but that he trusted me to stay. He gave me the key to his whole shop, bought me ice cream, and gave me his number in case anything went wrong. I asked him, you trust me? He said, with all my heart. He left and I stayed until around 8pm.

Only in Canada =) I love it when people can see me for who I am. No filters from ego just that I am trustworthy and a person of my word. I did have one more session during the day but I had to do it distantly from inside the coin laundry. It all worked out.

A little after 8pm Sharron arrived, handed me my keys and gave me a big hug. I felt a lot better. There was still remnants of annoyance and anxiety but I could mainly only feel the gratitude for all the helpful people. I locked up the coin laundry and headed home. Today, I took the key back to Baba where he laughed and said s"o it all worked out. It was a good experience for you because it taught you patience." I had him cut three spare keys. He said to me that he didn't worry one bit about me being there. "I slept like a baby." He cracks me up. We've had a great friendship since I started on The Drive. On my way into The Healing Emblem I passed Freya the realtor and we exchanged greetings. For breakfast I had subway where Anil talked to me about his holiday camping trip. We commented on how hot it is today. He said, "well I'm for Indian so it's ok for me. I said well my heritage is from Africa so I love the heat. LOL foreigners here like to not sound weak about the heat like the typical Canadians but after a while our bodies adapt to the climate too. We try not to show it, but we are roasting just like everyone else.=D

All is well in Jessica land once again. Thank you Uni. Muchas Gracias!

My Spiritual Community

May 13, 2015, 5:55 p.m. | Tagged under my-community-in-action

What do the TV shows like Andy Griffith and Sesame Street have in common? They represented the ideal community to me when I was a growing up. Either at age 6 or 7 I remember my Mother asking all of us kids (maybe 6 siblings at the time) to promise to never move away from one another like my Dad's siblings. All of my siblings started promising but just as I was about to also, I caught myself. I could feel that it wasn't going to be true and promising would be a betrayal to myself. Instead I just smiled knowing from that moment that I was going to move far away.

Although my church family growing up was very supportive and invested in its youth, I remember looking around when I was 16 at everyone at the youth event and consciously scanned the space. I said to myself from a place of knowing, "none of these people will matter or be in my life after I turn 18." I knew I was going to deviate from their perception of life and religious practices. I can now look back on that time and celebrate my self-awareness at that age, but the truth is at that time those knowings gave my an unbearable ache. When I was 17 I went into a deep depression. I was irritated all the time and slept throughout the day. At 18 I moved out of my parent's house and started looking for the place where I could just be and belong. I moved to Hartford Maryland, then Spokane Washington where I did feel very connected to the elemental energy there and could just be, but I knew it wasn't completely it, after a year I moved to Baltimore Maryland. At this stage in my life 21/22 I was starting to realized that the US wasn't the place for me and I started looking elsewhere. I remembered how much I loved Washington State and the closest place to it that was outside of the US was BC CANADA. I made the decision in May 2008 and moved to Canada in September of 2008 at the age of 23.

Once here in Canada I knew this was IT. I now reside in Vancouver where I have my ideal spiritual community. Let me paint the picture of a typical day in the ideal community I always wanted and now have. I wake up to the sun shinning and a nice cool breeze, I walk out the front door to go to the cafe down the road for breakfast. As I walk to the cafe I pass the laundry mat where I am wished a good morning by name from Baba, the owner who sometimes gives me candy, free detergent, food and always something to laugh about. At the cafe I'm greeted by Anil who asks me how my morning is going. I walk to work and on the way there I pass by the hair shop where the dreads guy (I've never been introduced) always waves hello to me. At work if Jay or the landlords are in I'm greeted and have a short conversation. I start my work day connecting with all the lovely people on youtube, facebook and meetup. Later on I go out for lunch. I normally go for avocado sushi on the drive and always check out Abraham's Metaphysical Book store before ordering sushi. Abraham is a divine spiritualist. He greets me by name and often has books out that he intuitively heard I would be interested in. He sometimes gives me them for free. Any spiritual advice that comes through in the moment he relays. After eating my lunch I might head down the drive to see Emy and Abraham who own the Afro Hair Studio. This is where I get my hair done. They know me by name =D There are also spiritual shops I like to go in, one is a thrift store, another Kali clothing store, Quidditas and Prana Nada. There are four parks to go to. Grandview park often has live music. In Coquitlam I also have my spiritual community that is coming back to the drive soon. Della, Roz and Sharron. On meetup there are many spiritualist like Leslie, Leonard and various other practitioners. When I host events through Spritual Artistry and Mysticism I meet even more spiritualist. After I miss about on the Drive I might go back to work doing massage, readings or healings on ah-mazing beings I feel honored to assist. Towards the end of the day I hang out with my friends or poly partners. At night before I sleep I stand in awe. I have access to everything I wanted for my spiritual journey and service to others. I am surrounded by spiritual elders, spiritual friends and newbies to welcome into the fold. I LOVE IT. I CELEBRATE FINDING IT. I TRULY AM AND FEEL BLESSED!

For those of you on the path to finding the community where you belong, keep going. What you seek will be found. For those of you who have found it, appreciate it, celebrate it and be proud of your self for finding it.

Many Blessings! <3